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Virgin Pulse App for Apple Watch Wins Award

May 23, 2016 / Uncategorized

Apple Watch blog 2 image 2[2]

Over 3 Million miles walked with the Apple Watch app so Far.

In March we launched the Virgin Pulse App for Apple Watch. We’ve been busy since then listening to what people are saying about the app and we couldn’t be happier with what we’re hearing. So we thought we’d share some highlights here.

Members love the app.

We asked our members to tell us what their favorite app features are and how they’re using the app.

The ability to see their progress and points on the app came out on top. Why? Because the app makes it simple to see progress in the program any time, at-a-glance. Members can easily see how many steps they’ve taken, how many points they’ve earned and what level they’ve achieved in the program. It’s all about helping members take small, healthy steps and feeling successful. Once members feel success, they want to keep that momentum going and the Virgin Pulse App for Apple Watch supports this momentum.

The next highest rated feature is the Healthy Habit tracking and notifications. Members love tracking habits on their Apple Watch because the app lets them choose the habits they want to track which is key for motivation for starting and sticking with a new habit. The app also makes it easy to do. With a simple touch of the Apple Watch screen, the app displays new behaviors, demonstrating that tiny successes day by day work towards building a healthy new habit. For those who get caught up in their day and forget to track, the app will send notifications. It even schedules these little micro-check-ins for daily habits to trigger at the ideal time – like a mid-morning trigger reminder for eating a healthy breakfast.

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what some of our app fans had to say…

Apple Watch Amy[2]“The combination of the Virgin Pulse mobile app and Apple Watch keeps me motivated to get moving. I have a really expensive watch that I don’t wear anymore.” – Amy, Virgin Pulse member

 “I find it very beneficial when it comes to my fitness and nutritional tracking.” – David

“It’s nice having it right there and knowing where you’re at during the day.” – Kristina

“It’s wonderful!!! It keeps me on a healthy track. Love it.” – Lisa

“It’s nice to be able to get habits out of the way without using my phone app.” – Hailey

design100award[2]Even the critics agree…the app is an award winner

We’re proud to announce that the Virgin Pulse app for Apple Watch has been named as a Gold Winner in the 2016 [app] design awards. The [app] Design Awards Program by design100 celebrates creativity, courage and innovation in design achievements by both app creators and commissioners.

With Rocket Insights, our web and mobile development agency partner, we are very honored to have the app recognized in the “Best Connected Device and Wearable Tech” category.

The data shows the app is working!

Since we launched step tracking with the Virgin Pulse App for Apple Watch just last summer, our members have tracked more than 6 billion steps with the Apple Watch. That’s the equivalent of about 3 million miles walked or 120 trips around the world! This means our members really are using the Apple Watch and our app to get healthy and get moving.

The data also shows that Virgin Pulse members who use the Apple Watch app are 33% more engaged with their wellness program than other users. These members log into the platform more often and complete more healthy behaviors while they’re there. And that’s what the app is all about. Helping you manage and track your personal and professional wellbeing goals every day.

Ready to learn more about how you can help your employees achieve their wellbeing goals with Virgin Pulse and the Virgin Pulse app for Apple Watch? Click here to register for our webinar, “Habit Building Innovations With Apple Watch” on May 24th at 2pm EST.


Jen Sartor no borderJennifer Sartor is a B2B product marketer for Virgin Pulse’s web and mobile engagement platform. Through her work in the HR space over the past 11 years for Virgin Pulse and companies like Globoforce, Monster and MultiPlan, she’s passionate about supporting employers who want to build healthier, happier and more productive workforces. Follow Jen on Twitter: @jensartor

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