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UPCOMING WEBINAR: Dr Susan David – How to Help Habits Stick

September 21, 2018 / Webinars

In the early 1950’s Kitty Kallen landed a hit song with, “Little Things Mean A Lot.” And according to bestselling author and Harvard Medical School Psychologist, Dr. Susan David, when it comes to long-lasting habit change they do! 

susan-davidbwJoin Dr. Susan David on Thursday, October 25th at 2 PM EDT for an exclusive live webinar where she will discuss: 

  • How we’re setting ourselves up for failure by making our tweaks “too big” 
  • How to look in the right places for tiny changes that make a big difference 
  • Ways to examine our mindset, motivations, and our habits to become the person we wish to be 

David will incorporate synthesized tips from her book, Emotional Agility, and help you translate these practices into the real world, work life, and within the structure of today’s leading organizations.  

She’ll incorporate “hacks” such as: 

  • “No-brainer” 
  • “Piggybacking” 
  • “Pre-commitment” 
  • “Obstacle Course” 

You’ll be able to use these hacks in building future strategies and communicating with executive teams why these tried-and-true methods can help increase efficacy, productivity, and the overall health of your employee population.  

For HR Leaders this is a great opportunity to learn how to help people within your organization enact change, amplify your wellness program, and design communications strategies that mirror the way real change happens. 

Dr. David will also be available at the end of the webinar to answer questions regarding your challenges – LIVE! So please come prepared.  

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