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4 Tips for Branding Your Employee Wellbeing Program and Creating a Great Employee Experience 

August 21, 2017 / Corporate Wellness

A growing trend in corporate wellbeing is for employers to create a distinct brand or easily recognizable identity to promote participation and make the initiative more successful. Branding your employee wellbeing program will increase employee awareness and drive engagement within it. A branded program shows commitment and helps build credibility and trust with your employees. 

Consider the following guidelines as you brand your program. 

Build on Your Company Brand

A clear benefit of using your corporate brand is that it’s instantly recognizable by your employees.  Since you’ve likely made investments of time, money and effort into creating the visual communication elements of your that brand, you’ll need to do less development work up front to extend it to your employee wellbeing program.

Kuehne + Nagel, a Virgin Pulse client, built on their corporate brand by creating KN Fit. Since building a strong, recognizable identity within their organization, they credit that brand with a great deal of their wellbeing program’s success. Read their full case study to find out how their wellbeing program is changing lives and providing other positive impacts across the organization. 

Create an Easily Identifiable Visual

Use words and imagery that inspire and increase enthusiasm for your program. Aim for a logo that is concise, yet clearly encapsulates your program goals or message. Many companies use acronyms to make a program name shorter and memorable. Be sure to include your employees and champions in this process so there’s immediate buy-in to the new program and so that you’re promoting a sense of community input and collaboration. 

Use Your Brand Consistently 

The more frequently your employees see the new brand, the more familiar it will become to them. Use it consistently within all wellbeing program communications, create a unique URL, posters, t-shirts and other giveaways. 

Deliver on the Promise 

Even more significant than any logo and slogan you create is the messaging behind your brand. It’s important that it signifies the intent and promise of your wellbeing brand mission. This vision should be shared from the very top levels of your organization. It’s important that leadership communicates and evangelizes the values of your wellbeing program so they can lend their support to the brand and its message.   

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