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The Simple Way to Make Behavior Change Successful

September 16, 2015 / Uncategorized

This post appears as part of a series about the Virgin Disruptors event, Create New Ways to Work, presented by Virgin Pulse.

000067990733_550x362When we think of athletes like Lebron James or Tom Brady, we say they’re brilliant or gifted – maybe we even throw the term natural into the mix.

Only there’s no such thing as a natural. What we don’t see are the hours and years of practice and dedication it took each of them to reach these levels of success – all of which took place far from a camera’s lens. The same idea should be applied to your employees as they work towards building healthier habits.

“Behavior change is a skill,” says Dr. BJ Fogg, director at the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab and Virgin Pulse Science Advisory Board member. “It’s something you can learn. But in order to learn it, you need to practice.”

We’ve all heard the phrase that practice makes perfect. But even then there’s the expectation to be perfect. Last time I checked, James still misses shots occasionally and Brady took 10 years between winning his third and fourth Superbowls. The idea of perfect puts too much pressure on you and your employees.

“When you take off the burden of perfection from people, it really does free them up to change their lives,” says Dr. Fogg.

Watch this video with Dr. Fogg on how you – the designer of your healthy workplace – can help your employees succeed at building healthy habits that matter through practice and revision.

Looking for more ways to help your employees build healthy habits? Check out our recap on Dr. Fogg’s keynote from Thrive Summit 2015.

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