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The Importance of Healthy Habits at Work

January 29, 2018 / Employee Engagement

Today’s employees are being asked to do more than they ever have. People are challenged to be more productive than ever, but they are also up against the ‘always on’ nature of smartphones, chat messages, emails, and social media. Attention spans are stretched, energy levels are depleted and folks are left wondering why they struggle to get ahead. Getting healthy, staying productive, and being your best self, seems harder than ever before.

We’ve tapped into some of the top scientific minds to learn more about how people can optimize our daily routines and cultivate daily habits that will help you achieve your goals amid the modern hustle and bustle – at work – and beyond.

Bad Habits Today, Good Habits Tomorrow

Its safe to say that a lot of people acknowledge the challenges the modern worker is up against, but we still might find ourselves in cycle of negative habits and choices that only perpetuate the things that are getting us down the most. But there’s good news. Who you are today isn’t who you have to be tomorrow.

Healthy habits can be formed too, and like a plant, once rooted, we flourish with daily nourishment. Don’t take our word for it – check out the video guide to How Habits Really Work with Dr. BJ Fogg, the director of research at Stanford’s Persuasive Tech Lab.

Habits: From the Individual to the Workplace

When we work on building positive habits, we’re able to approach each day to our fullest potential and bring our most productive selves into work.

Habits make up about 40 percent of people’s day-to-day activity. When you pair this with 59 percent of full-time salaried employees clocking in over 40 hours per week, forming and maintaining healthy habits is crucial when it comes to supporting employee wellbeing, and the success of your organization.

Good Habits Spread. Building individual habits result in a collective impact and spread encouragement for others to start making the small changes necessary to be successful. Habits and wellbeing serve as the foundation of company performance, and with individuals forming healthy habits, your organization has the potential to reach its highest state of flow and human performance.

How You Can Help Employees Build Healthy Habits 

Although building healthy habits can be daunting, recognizing the benefits they provide your employees individually and collectively is the first step to having a thriving organization. According to recent Forrester research, when organizations invest in healthy habit formation and mental wellness, employees will be intrinsically motivated and engage more fully in their work.

Give your employees the tools and resources to support healthy habit formation and see them thrive in, and beyond the workplace! Want to learn more? Check out the webinar replay with Dr. BJ Fogg on How Habits Really Work.

Brendan Lau is a Marketing Intern at Virgin Pulse and is currently a student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. When Brendan isn’t working or studying, he enjoys playing the drums, making music, and spending quality time with family and friends.

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