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Success Has a Name: Today It’s Cristie Rhoades

June 7, 2013 / Employee Engagement

Virgin HealthMiles is changing lives for good. Just ask Cristie Rhoades. 

Cristie-Rhoades_Before“I was extremely over weight. I could not keep up with my kids. They would always say, “Mom, why can’t you walk or run and play with us?” So one day I decided I HAD to do something about that!

I had just turned 45 and decided to make some changes in what I was eating. I added lots of vegetables, some fruit, a moderate amount of protein and really cut out most of the carbohydrates and dairy. I also started to exercise. I went to the gym 4 days per week. I walked everywhere I could and every chance I got.

I have made many positive changes at home as well.  We make healthier choices. We eat a lot of vegetables and use coconut oil to cook with now.  We take the kids on walks or have them ride their bike while we walk.  My 8-year-old step son has gone from 90 lbs. to 77 lbs. I have gone from 260 lbs. to 185 lbs. I never thought I would see my weight below 200 lbs. again! I have been able to maintain this weight and wish to reach my goal of 165 lbs. by the end of this year.

Cristie-Rhoades_AfterI remember my Virgin HealthMiles pedometer 99.9% of the time. It helps keep me motivated when I see how many steps I really take and encourages to do more when I am close to my daily step goal.

I try to check in daily with Virgin HealthMiles. I like earning HM’s. I was also hesitant to join groups and add people I did not know. But everyone on this website is so encouraging! I find myself in the middle of many challenges. They motivate me to finish higher up in the ranks. Thank you Virgin HealthMiles for having such a great program and for my employer to encourage us to join!”

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