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Putting the Human Back into Healthcare: A Behind the Scenes Look with Humana

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Disclaimer: Virgin Pulse and HealthComp are now Personify Health

Member engagement strategies have come a long way, and plans are putting more focus on driving higher engagement and better health outcomes by serving individual needs across large populations. Humana is at the heart of this movement, putting its members first in every way possible, with all parts of its organization working to create unique paths to health for individual members.

“Our entire organization is committed to making it easier for people to achieve their best health,” says Michael Aldridge, Associate Vice President, Experience Strategy and Transformation at Humana. “This isn’t possible without connecting with members on an individual basis and providing information and access to care, resources and tools in ways that works for them.”

Humana’s approach to making it easy to engage in health is driving action, particularly among its Medicare Advantage members. Here are 3 innovative ways the plan adapted to keep older Americans participating in preventive health activities, even during the pandemic when many of them were afraid to venture out of their homes.

Bringing the Pharmacy Home with Mail Order Services

With older Americans being at high-risk for COVID-19 severe illness, going to a pharmacy to get a prescription refill felt like a big risk and big decision for members. Personify Health executed an automated voice (IVR) call campaign on behalf of the plan to proactively remind Medicare Advantage members about its Humana Pharmacy services, and how they could receive medications right on their doorstep – on time, every time.

Keeping Cancer Screenings High with At-Home Test Kits

The US Preventive Services Task Force recommends screening for 4 types of cancer – breast, colorectal, cervical and lung – for people of certain ages and with certain risk factors. During COVID, many people forewent these important screenings, putting them at risk for delayed diagnoses and potentially poorer outcomes.

To keep colon cancer screenings high, Humana doubled down on its at-home test kit program. Using automated voice (IVR) calls again to remind members about the importance of these annual screenings, and to take and return the test kit that had been mailed to them.

Driving COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptance across the Nation

The COVID-19 vaccines felt like a lifeline out of the pandemic, but only if a large portion of the population accepted them. Humana leveraged its role as a healthcare leader to help educate and encourage uptake of the new vaccine among members and non-members alike.

On the plan’s behalf, Personify Health executed a multi-channel outbound campaign targeting individuals with automated voice (IVR) call, email and text messages and the call to “schedule a vaccine appointment”. This outreach targeted 1.5 million members across 25 states and resulted in 160,000 confirmed vaccine appointments.

These are just a few examples of dozens of campaigns Humana is partnering with Personify Health on to ensure members receive the information and support they need, in ways they are ready to receive it. None of us anticipated the situation we’ve endured over the last 18 months and counting, but this work emphasizes that regardless of where the member is, or what their needs are, Humana will reach them with the right message and support at the right time.