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[Podcast] Cracking the Company Culture Code

December 1, 2015 / Uncategorized

“As we grow and scale, company culture’s been a competitive advantage for us.” On this week’s episode of Pulse Talks, guest Katie Burke talks about the work behind Hubspot’s award-winning culture.

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pulse talks podcastWhen you’re designing your company’s culture, your first considerations should be what’s critical for your organization and the well-being of your employees. After that? You’re ready to look to influencers. And there’s few places that understand company culture better than Hubspot.

Under the leadership of Katie Burke, VP of Culture and Experience at Hubspot, the company’s culture has recently been commemorated by the likes of Entrepreneur, Forbes, and Best Places to Work. Burke credits the winning culture to transparency and autonomy.

“Very early on in HubSpot’s culture, there was always a commitment to transparency and to autonomy – and an aversion to rules that didn’t need to be there,” says Burke.

Along with empowering employees to be self-starting, Burke believes that full transparency in a company allows for better leaders, better managers, and better employees – but the real benefit is so much more.

“[Transparency] keeps us all honest about thinking like founders and solving for the company. It’s a real win, not just for the organization, but for our employees at every level,” adds Burke.

As organizations like Hubspot begin to burst at the startup seams, maintaining a unique culture can be met with growing pains. That’s why Hubspot created the Culture Code, a living document that defines the company’s unique culture – heavily influenced by the work of Netflix. This living document plays a key role as HubSpot continues to scale.

“At HubSpot, [we] are constantly refactoring… both the structure of our organization and the composition of the Culture Code to reflect the needs of our employees and our customer base,” says Burke.

Listen to the rest of her talk with host Shawn LaVana below:

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