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It’s Not Luck, It’s Resilience: What Successful People Have in Common

March 17, 2017 / Employee Wellbeing Best Practices

You’re in luck! On this St. Patrick’s Day, we’re offering you five tips about the one thing successful people have in common. Need a hint? It doesn’t cost a cent and it can be practiced anywhere, anytime.

It’s resilience!
 The ability to pivot quickly when business challenges change and to bounce back when things don’t go as planned is what makes all those ‘lucky’ people succeed at work and beyond, time and time again.

How can you build a resilience workforce? I’m glad you asked.

Mindfulness is a powerful stress management tool that all organizations can begin practicing immediately to help employees manage their physical and emotional health. And it’s the foundation of being resilient.

In our 2017 State of the Industry report, 98% respondents believe workplace and personal stress adversely impact employee engagement. By proactively integrating mindfulness into your wellbeing program, you’re building a resilient workforce that is equipped to handle the unavoidable struggles we all face as humans. When employees begin to practice mindfulness, they adjust the way that they cope with daily stresses. A small shift like this provides a more clear-minded, centered approach to their work, resulting in higher productivity, greater health and better business outcomes.

“A resilient business is built upon resilient people.” –  Dr. David Batman, Member of the Virgin Pulse Science Advisory Board

Download our tipsheet on mindfulness now and be entered to win a copy of award-winning author Susan David’s “Emotional Agility.” Written with authority, wit, and empathy, Emotional Agility serves as a road map for real behavioral change helping readers reach their full potential, no matter what they may face.

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Get your copy of the mindfulness tipsheet and be entered to win a copy of “Emotional Agility” by Susan David.

Lindsey Hudson is the Marketing Communications Manager at Virgin Pulse. She has over three years of experience in workplace wellbeing, and is passionate about helping businesses create engaging solutions that change lives. Outside the office, she’s busy trying new healthy recipes and going to the beach.

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