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How to Build Healthy Habits That Matter

September 14, 2015 / Employee Engagement

This post appears as part of a series about the Virgin Disruptors event, Create New Ways to Work, presented by Virgin Pulse.

VP runningWhen it comes to starting and maintaining healthy habits, a one-size fits all approach will rarely drive the results you or your employees looking for.

Sure, it would be much more convenient for you both if there were only one path to follow for everyone who wants to eat better or manage stress levels. But life is much more complicated than that. Every employee’s priorities and goals are different. What works for Amy in accounting may not work for Pete in production. Your employees want to form healthier habits, but countless articles online and in magazines about how and where exactly they should start makes it confusing.

As the designer of well-being programs and initiatives for your organization, you’re tasked with helping your employees learn how they can change their behaviors. And it all begins with thinking small and simple and making sure to be specific.

“[You need to] get very specific about the behaviors and help people understand what those specific behaviors are that will lead to the outcomes that they want,” says Dr. BJ Fogg, director at the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab and Virgin Pulse Science Advisory Board member.

Watch this video with Dr. Fogg to learn how to help match employees with the behaviors they want to do. And over time, watch as these behaviors lead to better habits in all areas of well-being.

Looking for more ways to help employees build healthy habits? Read our 5 Ways to Help Employees Build Habits that Matter to learn what really drives and motivates behavior change.

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