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How Corporate Philanthropy Engages Your Workforce

August 2, 2018 / Employee Experience

Corporate philanthropy is underrated. It’s common for corporations to give back, and it’s easy to think of the practice as just “something our company does.” But heartfelt giving, where employees play an active role in supporting charitable organizations they are passionate about, achieves so much more than giving back to those that need it most. Giving back also unites employees and engages them to the mission of their organization.

Here are three fresh perspectives on the less-explored benefits of corporate philanthropy programs:

Philanthropy is a chance to unwind, and spend quality time with others

If your organization is like most, the workday is go, go, go. Rarely do individuals have a chance to sit down, speak slowly, and experience a simple, mindful activity. Giving back provides this opportunity with efforts like making packed lunches for those in need, or knitting scarves for a homeless shelter, even serving food at a local food kitchen.

Repetitive activities that benefit the community provide your people with a chance to slow down, be intentional in their actions, and experience much-needed stress relief.

Connection with the Outside World

For many of us, the work week is all about routine. Get up at this time, sit at the same desk, go to the gym, make dinner, and spend quality time with family. While routine helps provide organization and structure to our lives, we often connect with the same people throughout the week, our immediate family and friends.

Corporate philanthropy programs that are hands-on provide a different kind of connection, one with the world at large. These programs provide a reminder that we live in a big world, with people from varying walks of life and a multitude of experiences. Experiencing this connectedness helps us see our daily activities in a new light – we are reminded that we are serving a purpose as members of a global community.

Low-Pressure Bonding with Co-Workers

It’s likely that your people already have meaningful connections with one another, especially if they have been working with one another for a few years. Employees bond in meetings, at lunch, and at work functions. Giving back is another way to strengthen those connections. By working together, especially if it means leaving the office, employees can see each other in a casual atmosphere. It’s also a great way to relieve any tension from the office environment by reminding individuals that the people they work with have good hearts and want to contribute to their communities.

Does your organization have a kick-butt philanthropy program in place? Tweet us @virginpulse – we’d love to hear about it!

Want to learn how CDM Smith uses charitable giving to empower their workforce? Watch the webinar replay: How Charitable Giving Empowers Wellness at CDM Smith. 

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