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How Can HR Leaders Help Reduce Back Pain at Work?

August 28, 2018 / Corporate Wellness

Did you know that half of all Americans active in the workforce today experience back pain? And that’s active, not including those already missing work or on disability for chronic back pain. So much so that spinal injury and chronic pain has become the single leading cause of physical disability worldwide.

Back pain occurs in a variety of ways – through lack of activity, strain through repetition, and improper lifting technique, to name the most common.

What does this mean for your people?

The truth is, most working populations are at risk. It’s up to HR to figure out the biggest risk-factors and causes within their organizations, perhaps broken down further by department.

Download our Quick Read – Pain in the Back: Reducing Spine Problems in the Workplace and learn:

  • The leading causes of back pain and how they occur
  • How HR leaders can get in front of the problem and make spinal health a priority
  • Specific ways to reduce the most popular types of back pain in the workplace

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