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Just for Fun: The Healthiest Unhealthy Halloween Candy List

October 23, 2018 / Employee Experience

Sometimes carrot sticks and raisins just won’t cut it, and Halloween is one such occasion.

While it might feel nice to hand out granola bars to petite ghosts and goblins in their holiday garb, you’re more likely than not to find your house egged at the end of the night. The same goes for inside the office. Nobody likes a party pooper.

So what’s an HR Leader/Parent/One-Night-Only Elvis Impersonator to do?

Choose the best…of the worst. Here’s our list for healthiest UNhealthiest candy to hand out in the office and to your darling Trick-Or-Treaters:

Break out the Special Dark – if you’ve been a long-time reader you know that Virgin Pulse is a BIG fan of chocolate.┬áStill are, always will be. Hershey’s Special Dark is a great option because it comes in small aka “fun size” portions, hits the sweet tooth, and provides anti-oxidants. Plus, it feels a little fancier than your average mix.

Peanut M&M’s – c’mon PEANUT is in the name! These bad Larry’s boast fiber, protein, and a little calcium to boot. Make sure to distribute again, in fun size packages (though we won’t judge you if you snag two). As always, be cognizant of allergies.

3 Musketeers – they’re light, they’re fluffy and they clock in at 100 calories for two mini’s. Place a handsome twosome on employee desks for a Halloween treat.

Crunch Bars – of the mainstay mini’s they are actually one of the lightest, with only 3 grams of fat. They’re also a real crowd-pleaser among “the youth.” For yourself, enjoy with a cup of tea, fresh brewed from the cauldron.

Twizzlers – Two snack sizes come in at 100 calories and ZERO grams of fat. Yes, we know that they still aren’t healthy. BUT! Because they are chewy and take a little longer to eat they are more difficult to binge than their “swallow whole” companions in the candy aisle.

Did we miss a (kinda/sorta) healthy fave of yours? Tweet us at @virginpulse on Twitter and we’ll bring it under advisement with our official candy committee!




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