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Have You Considered Your Sleeping Habits Lately?

June 26, 2018 / Partners

Did you know that almost half of adults are sleep-deprived? Or that more than one in three adults have unintentionally fallen asleep during the day at least once in the past month?

Even if you’re not dropping your forehead onto your desk, most of us could use a little more shut-eye. Between kids, doctor’s appointments, laundry, cooking dinner, and, let’s face it, binging the latest true crime series on Netflix, sleep can take a backseat in an already at-capacity life.

For many of us, we actually sacrifice sleep to relax! As in, we don’t get to sleep early enough because we’ve been busy all day and just want an extra hour to unwind.

The irony is, of course, what could be MORE relaxing than sleep?!

The Virgin Pulse platform offers a clinically-proven program based on cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). The fully automated program teaches users cognitive and behavior change techniques in a highly engaging way and is clinically proven to not only improve sleep, but also improve broader mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression.

Participants in the partnered program receive Virgin Pulse rewards for various actions, including completing assessments, diary entries, completing CBT sessions and tracking sleep – and the rewards are real-time. On the administrative side, HR leaders will receive real-time reporting to evaluate employee engagement.

Take the Lead

Have you considered the prevalence and healthcare costs of sleep & mental health in your employee population?

First of its kind research was recently published in The State of Sleep & Mental Health Report, which highlights several groundbreaking findings:

  • The prevalence of insomnia across 5 major industries, based on medical and pharmacy claims from 650,00 individuals across 17 self-insured employers
  • How much more employees with insomnia cost each year in healthcare spend, including disability claims
  • The effects of poor sleep on workplace productivity as revealed in rates of presenteeism and absenteeism
  • Insight into why poor sleepers are 3.7x more likely to be stressed than those who sleep well

Now through Virgin Pulse’s wellness solutions platform, employers will be able to deliver improved sleep and mental health to their employees. Through this deeply integrated solution, members will experience a scientific approach to creating behavior change and driving healthy habits.

If you’re ready to see how Virgin Pulse leads the industry in corporate wellbeing, click here.


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