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Happy Thanksgiving! Download Stress and Nutrition Toolkits for Happy Holidays

November 21, 2018 / Employee Wellbeing Best Practices

The holidays are a wonderful time filled with family, great food and, hopefully, a little snow. But they can also be a time of stress for many – increased financial demands, time off of work, and running around. It’s also the perfect storm for nutrition to be put on the back burner, which can sometimes lead to your people eating poorly and, as a result, feeling poorly.

We’re here to help.

To tackle eating right this season, download the Holiday Season Nutrition Toolkit which helps guide your employees toward better nutrition at work and beyond during the holiday season. In this toolkit you’ll find:

  • A webinar replay with David Katz where he goes through emerging peer-reviewed nutrition research to help your people understand what’s “real” and what’s just a fad when it comes to eating healthy
  • An e-book on how to fill your holiday plate
  • “this for that” food swaps that helps make healthy eating decisions easier
  • a quick read just for you that shows the data behind the link between nutrition and employee wellbeing

You can share these pieces with your people, or use the information to make posters to help your organization be well during the holidays. Now that you’ve got a plan for nutrition, what about stress?

Did you know that employees report being more stressed during the holidays than any other time of year?

This Stress Toolkit will guide you on how to help your employees improve their mental wellbeing by reducing stress and
building resilience. Resilience is a key skill that helps your people overcome change, increase flexibility, and bring their best to work. In this toolkit you’ll find:

  • a webinar replay all about creating mindful leaders within your organization
  • a quick read on steps you can take today to boost employee wellbeing
  • emerging research in mental wellbeing – and what leading employers are doing to help their employees feel mentally and emotionally well
  • how your organization can use wellbeing and stress management as your competitive advantage

Download the Nutrition Toolkit Here

Download the Stress Toolkit Here

Happy Thanksgiving!

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