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Global Medical Device Company Drives Employee Engagement to 85% 

July 28, 2017 / Employee Engagement

Medtronic, a global company with roughly 96,000 employees, faced a common challenge for many international organizations; how to unify many different corporate cultures to ensure that all employees worked toward common goals. Keeping dispersed employees connected was a key driver in the implementation of a company-wide wellbeing platform.  

Medtronic’s acquisition of Covidien more than doubled the size of their workforce and increased the number of facilities around the world.  To build cohesion between these workforces, Medtronic launched a wellbeing solution focused on team challenges. There are now over 40,000 participants with a sustained program engagement rate of 85%. 

Important elements of the program’s success are the communications strategy and the use of local wellbeing champions. Medtronic focused on a comprehensive, multi-channel communications program to ensure maximum participation. And, wellbeing champions reinforced that messaging by providing on-site support and promotion. 

Medtronic continues to expand their wellbeing program through Virgin Pulse’s integration capabilities. The Healthier Together program now includes a more holistic view of wellbeing and offers healthy eating guidelines, on-site fitness centers and more. 

Read more about how uniting different corporate cultures, increasing employee engagement and expanding their wellbeing offerings contributes to Medtronic’s wellbeing success.

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