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Forrester Research Suggests Employee Experience Must Mirror Consumer-Grade Customer Experience to Increase Engagement 

June 26, 2017 / Employee Engagement

According to Forrester Research, most employee experience solutions are outdated and disjointed. And, that “static employee portals and transactional self- service provide a dismal online experience that employees loathe and use only when necessary.” Organizations that want to increase employee engagement must redesign the employee experience with an “outside-In approach” and “must redesign the employee experience journey based on what matters to employees on a business and personal level”.

Forrester Research found that employees increasingly expect a technology-driven employee experience that mirrors their consumer-grade customer experiences. An employee experience platform that meets or exceeds those expectations fosters increased engagement, advocacy, retention, and productivity.

To more fully engage employees, these platforms must provide the same level of strategic thought that these organizations give to their customer-facing communications. Forrester recommends a dynamic, content-rich and useful experience based on a contextually relevant delivery of information.

Virgin Pulse is proud to be named within the report as a best-in-class example in the health and wellbeing space. Virgin Pulse’s industry-leading technology solution encourages healthy daily habits that help employees achieve their long-term health and wellness goals.

Download The Digital Employee Experience Drives Engagement And Productivity Employees Need A Consumer-Grade Environment To Connect With Work to learn:

  • -Forrester’s six key levers of employee engagement that drive a positive, individualized employee experience
  • -Why engaged information workers respond to recognition and empowerment
  • -How the employee experience directly impacts business outcomes
  • -Which technology solutions can provide personalized, contextual experiences for employees

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