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How to Welcome Your Extended Workforce into Your Culture

September 7, 2016 / Uncategorized

extended workforce and culture, Virgin PulseGetting new employees acclimated to your already existing company culture is challenging. Even more so when you consider that 40% of U.S. workers are part of their company’s extended workforce, meaning they aren’t making the daily office visits that helped the rest of your company feel glued in.

The good news is that your extended workforce workers are just as eager to dive into your culture as you are to welcome them in. But remember, their situation is different, so plan ahead to ensure they feel welcomed and valued right away.

After all, studies show that 68% of HR professionals believe an extended workforce improves talent quality, meaning if your company is already on the bandwagon, you’re making positive moves to ensure your organization reaps the benefits of this nontraditional approach.

Use these 5 tips to get your new workers engaged and they’ll be true members of the pack in no time.

Be inviting, not exclusive: Encourage extended workforce workers to join in on your company’s instant messaging or group email chains. Keep your remote workers in the social and work communications loop to assimilate them into the culture.

Face-time first: Invite new offsite workers into the office, if possible. Meeting face-to-face initially melts the ice and makes reaching out easier later on. It helps make working together a seamless endeavor for all parties involved.

Celebrate success: While it may feel as though celebrating the accomplishments of your extended workforce is more challenging, encourage managers to make the extra effort when it’s deserved. A little recognition for a job well done is an important way to help less connected employees feel the love too.

Be mindful: Recognize and sympathize with the challenges your extended workforce face. For example, does one of your offsite worker constantly ask about an online meeting code before weekly meetings? Make sure your extended workforce has the necessary tools to perform and feel invested. 

Team first: Is the in-house team having a get together or celebrating a recent sales deal, but your extended workforce can’t be there? Surprise them! Send lunch to their door via a local food services delivery app. Ensuring your offsite workers feel like they’re a part of your team, its celebrations and traditions – however small – can make all the difference.

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Margaux Novak is a Product Marketing Manager at Virgin Pulse. Passionate about health, wellbeing, and creating thriving businesses, Margaux enjoys researching and writing about new ways to help people achieve these goals for themselves. As an avid landscape photographer, Margaux spends lots of time staying healthy in the great outdoors.

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