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Employee Engagement – Leaders Guide by Susan David

October 5, 2017 / Employee Engagement

In the modern working world of increasing complexity, financial uncertainty, rapid technological changes and blurred lines between work and home, global employee engagement levels look bleak.

Dr. Susan David, one of the world’s leading management thinkers, author of the #1 Wall Street Journal best–selling book Emotional Agility, and a member of the Virgin Pulse Institute’s Science Advisory Board, acknowledges the sheer frustration managers and HR leaders feel with the bleak statistics surrounding employee engagement: “Too often, they receive the data and wonder: what should I do if my team is feeling disengaged?”

Defining what employee engagement is, and isn’t, is an important starting point, according to Susan. “I’ve experienced a lot of confusion around engagement,” she says. “A lot of managers ask ‘How do I get my people more engaged?’. They’re often looking for quick–fix solutions and unfortunately, there are none. It’s important to address this, and other, common misconceptions.”

In a new paper, The Leaders’ Essential Guide to Employee Engagement, Susan David shares three key levers to engagement. “I discovered some fundamental, critical engagers that are true to employees regardless of their geography, culture, training, business units or professional level. These are incredibly important, and I want to share with leaders exactly what they are.”

Susan developed this paper specifically for Virgin Pulse to offer practical strategies that leaders can use to effectively impact employee engagement in their organizations. Susan wanted to tackle the common myths about engagement. Drawing on her consultancy research, Susan helps leaders identify and implement key drivers of engagement and high performance.

Get your copy: The Leaders’ Essential Guide To Employee Engagement with Emotional Agility author and Harvard psychologist Susan David.

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