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Disrupt Open Enrollment This Year and Engage Your People

October 4, 2018 / Open Enrollment

Open enrollment is here! Did you know that the average employee spends only 45 minutes a year selecting benefits?

Compare this to the hours of research and time spent by HR leaders and you will immediately recognize the disconnect. It’s also why you won’t be surprised to hear that 40% of employees are confused when it comes to their benefits and how to utilize the resources available to them.

Open enrollment doesn’t have to be this way.

This is the time to talk to employees about their health and be their road map in navigating what can be a confusing world of benefits and services available.

When done right, this is also a great opportunity to start a conversation which will transform open enrollment from a headache to an ongoing engagement conversation.

Download the helpful guide, 5 Tips to Disrupt the Open Enrollment Status Quo, to learn:

  • Why an employee communications calendar is the key to a successful open enrollment period
  • How to adjust your strategy to focus on benefits that address the needs of your population and align with business outcomes
  • Why your benefits strategy is critical to building a culture of wellbeing and improving employee engagement

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Virgin Pulse now offers Jellyvision

This year we’re making it even easier for Virgin Pulse members to take best advantage of the benefits offered to them by their employers – we’ve partnered with Jellyvision, which uses ALEX – the uniquely human one-to-one chat program – that offers tailored benefits advice to each employee.

VP has partnered with Jellyvision to offer a Benefit Decision Support PowerUp through ALEX, a customizable, interactive employee benefits counselor that provides personalized, confidential guidance to assist people with selecting a health insurance plan, saving money, saving for retirement, navigating a leave of absence and more—helping make smarter decisions while saving HR leaders time, money and headaches.

Powered by Jellyvision, ALEX uses behavioral science, ordinary language and animation to guide employees through complex Human Resources benefits options.

Best of all, ALEX can be accessed any time from any computer, smartphone or tablet in the office or at home.

How Jellyvision’s ALEX disrupts the “just pick one” open enrollment model of the past:

  • One-on-one conversations discussing which benefits are right for the individual and their family
  • The ALEX experience is 350% more engaging than videos – only 50% of people make it all the way through a two- minute video. By comparison, on average employees spend seven minutes within ALEX.
  • Employees become more confident in their understanding of their health plans, 401(k)s, tax-savings and other benefits, which lead to smarter decisions that save them and their employers money.
  • ALEX helps move employees into HDHPs with clear explanations and upfront comparisons.
  • Far more than an open enrollment tool, ALEX works year-round to help employees make the most of their health plans and retirement accounts, navigate family and medical leaves, and get up to speed on their benefits during new hire orientation.

Learn more about Virgin Pulse and Jellyvision


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