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Create a More Inclusive, Equitable Workplace to Boost Employee Morale

January 5, 2022 / Uncategorized

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives have become mainstays in the modern workplace in recent years, and employees have taken notice. To truly be successful in today’s climate, DEI initiatives are a must-have — and the data doesn’t lie.

Three in 4 job seekers and employees said a diverse workforce was an important factor for them when evaluating job opportunities. What’s more, 39% of surveyed employees said they would even leave their organization for a more inclusive one.

As DEI emerges as a key area of focus for job seekers, more and more employers are recognizing the inherent value behind initiatives such as diversity training. Learn the steps your organization can take to create a more diverse, inclusive and equitable workplace culture and ultimately boost employee morale, improve retention and more.

DEI is at the center of everything we do. If you’re prioritizing DEI, check out our DEI Toolkit.


What Does an Inclusive, Equitable Workplace Look Like?

Well-executed DEI initiatives have many benefits. They impact the culture of an entire organization, improve employee recruitment and retention, lead to better decision-making across the board, and boost productivity, innovation and collaboration.

That said, what does an inclusive and equitable workplace look like today? First things first: Diversity, equity and inclusion are all equally important for creating a fair, welcoming work environment where everyone feels comfortable and accepted. 

During diversity training, make sure to educate your employees on the key differences between each:

  • Diversity is the presence of different backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, genders, sexualities, religious beliefs and more. 
  • Equity is the assurance that all company processes, programs and opportunities are fair and equally available to each individual. 
  • Inclusion is the practice of ensuring all employees feel an overall sense of belonging in the workplace.

In a truly diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace, there’s a strong sense of belonging among employees and equal opportunities for growth across the board. According to Jen Fisher, who serves as the chief wellbeing officer at Deloitte US, it’s all about creating a culture that champions equality. 

“Creating a culture that prioritizes wellbeing and supports people in bringing their whole selves to work every day starts by understanding that humanity and the traits that make us uniquely human — empathy, compassion [and] creativity — are vital in the workplace and the future of work,” she explained.


Boost Employee Morale With Diversity Training and Technology

Diversity training is the first step to boosting employee morale with DEI initiatives. The right training encourages behavioral and cultural change. 

Build Diversity From the Top Down

As you approach DEI initiatives, it’s essential to build diverse teams from the top down, with a clear commitment by leadership and middle management to drive said change. With leadership on board to lead by example, you can set company-wide goals and objectives and advance your DEI strategy to begin making progress. 

You might even choose to appoint a Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) to ensure accurate representation on your leadership team. CDO positions have actually grown by more than 16% over the last year, a trend that will likely continue in the months and years ahead. 

Get Creative With Engagement

Think of unique ways to engage your workforce. For example, cultural diversity dice are a fun way to encourage employees to make progress toward DEI-specific goals, such as embracing cultural differences and eliminating any unconscious biases. 

Provide the Right Resources

It’s also important to arm employees with the right DEI resources. A digital wellbeing ecosystem like Virgin Pulse’s Homebase for Health® brings all health, wellbeing and culture-boosting resources together in one place. Artificial intelligence (AI) technology grows with your employees to guide them to relevant content, tools, and resources, allowing them to take charge of their own wellbeing journey. This personalized approach to health and wellbeing helps the members of your workforce — regardless of race, age, gender, sexuality or religion — feel valued, empowered and set up for success.

Get your copy of the DEI Toolkit to find out how incorporating diversity, equity, and inclusion into the workplace transforms all aspects of a company. 

Virgin Pulse DEI Toolkit

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