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9th Annual Employee Wellbeing Month

June 14, 2017 / Employee Engagement

The 9th Annual Employee Wellbeing Month just launched and it’s already become the most successful yet! Thousands of organizations across 40 countries are using this year’s toolkit of resources and materials to help empower healthier and happier workforces.

Employee Wellbeing Month highlights how organizations that invest in the wellbeing of their employees foster more productive, engaged workforces and create magnetic company cultures that drive recruitment and retention. Every opportunity an organization takes to encourage employees to incorporate wellbeing into their workday is a way to celebrate Employee Wellbeing Month. By using the materials provided in the toolkit, organizations are taking one giant step towards improving the health and happiness of their workforce!

Originally launched as National Employee Wellness Month in June 2009, Virgin Pulse dedicated the month of June as a time for employers to focus on their employees – empowering employees to be their best selves every day at work and beyond. For nearly a decade, supporters like the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease, WorldatWork, and organizations from around the world, representing all verticals, pledge their commitment to their employees’ wellbeing.

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