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6 Ways to Celebrate June’s National Employee Wellness Month

May 30, 2012 / Nat'l Employee Wellness Month

Editor’s Note: This is a 2012 post related to Employee Wellbeing Month. For the most up-to-date information and to download this year’s EWM toolkit, click here!


National Employee Wellness Month is just days away – it kicks off 6/1. Why not mark the occasion at your workplace? Here are 6 simple ideas to get you started.

1. Spread the word in your workplace.

Got a range of employee health and wellness benefits? Here’s a prime opportunity to make sure your employees know about them!  Download these posters and hang them prominently around your workplace. And throughout the month, make sure to emphasize the benefits of the programs you offer and how your employees can reap their rewards if they participate.

2. Join the conversation Twitter: #WellnessMonth.

More than 140 companies and over 65,000 of their employees are participating in this year’s National Employee Wellness Month.  Add #WellnessMonth to your tweets in June and spread the word about your company’s support for healthy lifestyles, the great programs you have in place, helpful motivation and other healthy tips you want to offer for good health.  Join the movement on Twitter – and encourage your employees to do the same.

3. Host a healthy-snack event.

A healthy-snack event on a summer Friday afternoon can be a low-cost way to show your support for healthy lifestyles. Offer fresh fruits and veggies, plenty of H2O, and other healthy snacks as a way to promote good health and bring your team together for some much-deserved appreciation.

 4. Brown-bag it for health.

Odds are, you have a bunch of good health enthusiasts right in your workplace.  See if you can identify them or those with wellness success stories from your company. Invite them to share their experiences at a series of “healthy brown-bag lunches” in your workplace. This is a great way to recognize individuals who are exhibiting healthy habits in your workforce.  Plus, you can consider inviting guest speakers on fitness, nutrition and other healthy living topics.

5. Host a series of simple, healthy events throughout June.

Here are a few simple events you can host this June to get your workforce thinking about healthier habits this June:

Walk at Lunch – Encourage your employees to take a true lunch break. Let them know it’s a great opportunity to get some physical activity and recharge so they’re mentally prepared for the second half of the day.  Hang a map of the area and paths around the office conducive for walking or exercise during lunch breaks. Or distribute maps with suggested routes and mileage.

Take the Stairs, Ditch the Elevators – Post signs at the elevator and encourage your employees to take the stairs instead of the elevators.  Post interesting notes in the stairwells that provide helpful tips and encouragement, like how many stairs they’ve climbed, average calories burned, keep going – you’re almost there, etc.

Park Far Away Day – Get some competition going for the farthest spot in the lot. Encourage employees to park a little farther away each day and add some additional activity into their daily routines.

Moving Meetings – Get your employees up and moving throughout the day. Encourage them to hit the pavement during their regularly scheduled meetings and walk instead of sitting around a conference table (when it’s feasible).

6. Walk the talk (literally). 

Naturally you’ll do your best to model a healthier workplace and good habits yourself – but HR managers can “walk the talk” towards healthy workplaces in other ways. If you don’t have any employee health programs in place, why not make checking one out your healthy resolution for the month? Curious to see how helping your employees get active and healthy can impact your bottom line?  Calculate your company’s potential savings with this free calculator. The proof that employee health programs really work is pretty compelling, too.

You can find more tips, helpful wellness insights and resources, and news at www.nationalemployeewellnessmonth.com.

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