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5 Benefits Every Organization Should Offer Their Employees

February 25, 2021 / Corporate Wellness

Written By: Star White

Before COVID-19, workers sought out employment opportunities that healthcare benefits that could best support themselves and their families, often considering additional benefits as nice-to-have perks. Amidst the pandemic, however, the need for a more robust benefits package quickly became apparent as employees became more dependent on the resources and tools offered by their organization. Although businesses across the country are struggling financially, investing in these five employee benefits are not only critical to improving the wellbeing of your employees but will also help your organization achieve the results and outcomes that matter most.

The Top 5 Employee Benefits for 2021

Providing your workers with the best employee benefits package possible will allow you to maintain a productive and highly engaged workforce, while also saving your organization money.

  • Work-from-home options – The shift to a virtual workplace has revealed that numerous employees would actually prefer off-site work. Many workers have voiced that they feel much more productive at home and working parents have stated that they enjoy the ability to spend more time with their children.1 Giving employees the option to work from home provides them the opportunity to be healthier, happier and more efficient. Healthy employees are more likely to produce quality work, tackle tough projects and engage in collaborative activities.

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  • Flexible work schedules – Over the past year, employees have not only had to transition to remote work, but their responsibilities and stress outside of work increased. In order to accommodate your employees, you must acknowledge these hardships and grant them some leeway. By showing your employees it’s okay to take breaks, they’ll be less prone to burnout and psychological stress,2 enabling them to work at full capacity.
  • Mental health benefits – Issues concerning mental health have surged during the pandemic. In fact, 80% of workers surveyed reported that they’re not satisfied with how their organizations handle mental health.3 Employees everywhere are struggling to cope with their stress and worry, and they’re looking to their employer for help. An investment in mental health can have a major impact on the overall wellbeing of your workforce. Mental wellness benefits help boost mood and productivity while enabling your employees to prioritize their personal health, which keeps them safe from COVID-19.
  • Financial wellness – Increased financial stress has been a significant consequence of the economic shutdown caused by COVID-19. As your employees struggled with financial worries, employee engagement and productivity took a hit. A small investment in a financial wellness solution can go a long way when it comes to alleviating money-related stress and empowering your employees to improve their financial situation by learning key skills like budgeting, saving and managing debt.
  • Telehealth and digital therapeutics – We live in a digital world, where almost everything, including our ability to connect with healthcare providers, health coaches and support groups, is virtual. Those living with chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and obesity are more susceptible to contracting COVID-19, so arming them with the tools to manage, prevent or even reverse the onset of these costly and dangerous conditions is crucial to the longevity of your workforce. Employers should embrace the power of digital health to provide adequate resources that will allow all employees to access support, guidance and behavior change mechanisms that will sustain their wellbeing and improve their health outcomes.

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Unfortunately, the needs of countless employees are not being met by their organizations—4 in 10 employees report that their organization’s employee benefits program is not up to par.4 As the value employees place on benefits increases in response to COVID-19, it’s up to your organization to support the health and wellbeing needs of your workforce.

Take a deeper look at why offering a comprehensive benefits package that addresses the full range of employee wellbeing needs is critical to your organization’s success in 2021 and beyond.


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