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3 Ways to Lessen Employee Stress in the Workplace

June 28, 2018 / Corporate Wellness

Stress in the workplace is an epidemic. Less than 30% of employees are engaged at work and depressive disorders such as depression, anxiety, and stress are on the rise. Depressive disorders are the number one cause of disability worldwide, contributing to disengagement, turnover and absenteeism in the workplace. All of these factors impact the bottom line of businesses everywhere, affecting productivity, training, and recruitment budgets.

One way to help reverse this trend is to create workplaces that mitigate employee stress and encourage a culture of wellbeing. By fostering an environment where employees can be emotionally healthy, companies are allowing individuals to bring their best selves to work each day.

Here are three ways HR leaders can mitigate stress in the workplace today:

  1. Talk the Talk

Employers have the opportunity to engage employees by creating a workplace that is fulfilling, creative and empowering. HR leaders can foster this by taking a genuine, active interest in employees and investing in their wellbeing at work. Some of the ways that employers are mitigating the stress of on-site employees is through quiet rooms, workday yoga classes, massages and even access to counseling services.

This is not easy, but it’s a great way to retain top talent, reduce turnover, and create a work environment where individuals want to be.

  1. Embrace Technology to Create a Culture of Social Support

While in-person communication is fantastic, allowing employees a wellness portal to connect digitally allows them to break the ice, make new friends, and connect outside of the office, on their own time. This is also a great way to engage scattered employees who work from home, or small groups of employees in remote locations, and help them feel included in the broader organization.

By incorporating gamification activities, workers can engage in friendly competition, and feel motivated and engaged to accrue points or earn prizes for their healthful behavior.

  1. Customize Your Wellbeing Program for YOUR Organization

Wellbeing programs are not one size fits all and data is your best friend when tailoring a program for your people.

Consider the geography of your organization, where people work, what kind of work that they do and where their workday could be more efficient. And then ask them! If employees feel safe and encouraged to share their pain points, you’ll learn more about what kind of wellbeing program suits their needs.

Lastly, consider a wellbeing partner or solution that embraces data, and will work with you to create a custom plan, as opposed to an out of the box solution.

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Renee Mitson is the Senior Manager of Content Marketing at Virgin Pulse. She loves living in Providence, and enjoys cycling and eating spicy food (but not at the same time). 

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