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3 Tips on How To Make Personal Devices Work For Your Organization

March 16, 2017 / Employee Engagement

In a world of constantly evolving business challenges, lightspeed innovation, and a growing population that is becoming increasingly interconnected, technology adoption remains one of the defining factors of increasing productivity and growing business.

Group of People Connection Digital Device Concept

And we’re not just talking about mobile phones.

  • – By 2019, 99% of multinational corporations will sponsor the use of wearable fitness tracking devices to improve corporate performance. [1]
  • – More than half of workers will interact with their devices through Virtual Personal Assistants (VPAs) like Amazon Alexa and Siri.[2]
  • – In 2017, 1.5 million U.S. workers will use smart glasses.[3]
  • – This year organizations will invest in nearly 500 million in virtual reality devices – using them to enhance training, product design, and visualization of data and assets. [4]

Maybe you’re not from the IT department or you’re not a technophile; why should care about these emerging devices in your workplace?

These technologies are aimed at doing more than simply increasing productivity. They contribute to a much broader aspect of your company culture – which is driven by your employee experience. When people are able to get their work done, on their device of their choice, when and where it works best for them, they will be happier at work; and research shows that their employers will enjoy half the amount of employee turnover compared with companies whose employees are dissatisfied.

It is critical that HR and business leaders understand the connection between employees and their personal devices to stay in step with this cycle of innovation and interconnectedness.

Our latest tip sheet highlights three ways organizations can engage their employees on the devices where they prefer to spend their time – ultimately improving employee experience and productivity.

Get your copy of our personal devices tip sheet.

Hailey McDonald is the Integrated Marketing Director at Virgin Pulse. She is a self-professed red-eye flight sleep expert, loves deep breaths of cold mountain air, and is a reformed Jazzercise enthusiast. When she isn’t working with her superhuman co-workers at Virgin Pulse, Hailey can be found frantically chasing after her maniac 4-year-old daughter or partaking in all-you-can-eat sushi Sundays in the greater Seattle area.

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