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3 Hacks to Weather the Holiday Travel Storm

November 20, 2015 / Uncategorized

188000915In case you don’t have a calendar handy, Thanksgiving’s less than a week away. (I know. It snuck up on me too.)

Touted as the most heavily traveled holiday of the year (long-distance travel upticks by 54 percent in the days leading up to and following the big feast), nearly everyone and their brother will be trekking to turkey dinner next week.

Traffic alone is enough to spike anyone’s stress levels – and 71 percent of people say it’s the crowds that accompany travel that stress them out most, according to our recent survey report of over 1,000 full-time employees traveling 100 miles or more for the end-of-year holidays.

Combine that with the potential for inclement weather (most stressful to 61 percent of respondents), increased costs (42 percent), and pressure associated with personal finances (39 percent), and we’ve got what could end up being an anxiety-ridden holiday season, rather than memorable time with those we love. It’s enough to make anyone say, “Bah humbug.”

Keeping your cool next week and throughout this season’s holiday travel madness may feel next to impossible. But taking a few small steps to plan ahead and prioritize your well-being will help you make the most of the trips and celebrations ahead.


  1. 1. Pack with well-being in mind. Stock your suitcase with the items you know are essential to your well-being. Can’t sleep on hotel pillows? Bring your own. Early morning sun salutations the only way you’ll start the day? Then don’t forget your yoga mat.


  1. 2. Carve out down time. The hectic pace of the holidays can be draining. Don’t forget to schedule some “me” time. Pack a good book to read on your flight, let yourself take that post-turkey nap, or retreat to your room when you need to recharge.


  1. 3. Celebrate in the moment. Cherish your time spent with loved ones, because the magic of the holidays will be over before you know it. Put down the devices and switch off the TV so you can really connect with those who matter most.


Don’t let the stress of holiday travel sneak up on you. Download our free poster series for more hacks to help support your well-being when you hit the road, rails, or skies this season.



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