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2017 GameChanger Award Winners 

June 13, 2017 / Employee Engagement

Thank you to everyone who applied to the 2017 GameChanger Awards. We were overwhelmed with the unbelievably creative and innovative ways you are transforming wellbeing. Let’s keep raising the bar.

We’d like to congratulate all the recipients of our 2017 GameChanger Awards:

  • Engagement Award: Medtronic

For effectively marketing and driving year-round engagement, including with hard-to-reach and remote employees.

  • Employee Experience Award: Florida Hospital

For successfully integrating the voice of the employee into the company engagement and wellbeing strategy.

  • Company Culture Award: HP Inc.

For positively transforming and influencing workplace culture through the company wellbeing program.

  • Creativity & Innovation Award: St. Joseph Health

For creatively and innovatively helping employees truly lead happier and healthier lives.

And based on real-time voting at our Thrive Summit conference, our People’s Choice Award winner is HP Inc. They’re setting new standards by demonstrating a true commitment to employee wellbeing and engagement.

All of these companies are role models – breaking new ground as they create meaningful, rewarding employee experiences. Congratulations everyone!

Stay tuned for a webinar featuring these winning organizations where you can hear about what they’ve done to succeed and have the opportunity to ask them questions about their winning program.


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