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2013 Healthies Awards Spotlights 10 People Committed to Wellness

June 25, 2013 / Uncategorized

news_healthy_lifestyle_awardAt Virgin HealthMiles, we eat, sleep and breathe healthy lifestyles, (try to) always take the stairs and are obsessed with hitting our 7,000 steps per day. We know, because thousands of your employees have told us so, that many of your companies have rolled out wellness programs, helping your employees make lifelong commitments to their health and change their lives for good. To honor their commitment to wellbeing, we annually recognize individuals walking the health walk and talking the health talk with the 2013 Healthies Awards, in tandem with National Employee Wellness Month.

The Healthies are awarded across four categories: Significant Health Improvements; Creative Ways to Get Healthy; Spreading the Health; and Reaching Major Milestones. Recipients this year saw dramatic results after committing themselves to healthier lifestyles, including life-changing weight loss, reversal of chronic medical conditions and improved outlooks on life.

The 2013 Healthies Award recipients this year are:

  • Significant Health Improvements
    • Shawn-Marie Riley of Arlington, Texas, who lost 300 pounds and averages 7,000 steps per day.
    • William Taylor of Longview, Texas, who lost 20 percent of his body weight and regularly runs road races.
    • Monica Jackson of Harvest, Alabama, who lost 32 pounds and is motivated to spend time dancing and roller skating with her children.
  • Creative Ways to Get Healthy
    • Lauren Cleveland of Birmingham, Alabama, who lost 60 pounds and challenged herself to a 30-day green smoothie diet.
    • Rick Berghoff of Fort Wayne, Indiana, whose workout has been featured in his local paper and who, after 30 years, recently quit smoking.
  • Spreading the Health
    • Daniel Enriquez of San Antonio, Texas, who worked out with his wife to lose 57 pounds in seven months.
    • Lahronda Little of Ellenwood, Georgia, who received her personal training certificate and heads the Health and Wellness group at her church, leading more than 500 women.
    • Ronnie Guest of San Antonio, Texas, who reduced his weight from 207 pounds to 168 pounds in 12 weeks.
  • Reaching Major Milestones
    • Amy Brack of Austin, Texas, who lost nearly half her body weight in 18 months and has begun running road races.
    • Charly Fontanilla of Yorba Linda, California, who dropped his cholesterol from 250 to 130 and lost 50 pounds.

“We’re extremely proud of and inspired by this year’s Healthies recipients, as well as all of the people across the country who’ve made a promise to themselves live healthier lives,” said Chris Boyce, CEO of Virgin HealthMiles.

“These unique stories, including people cutting their weight in half or reversing lifelong medical conditions, are truly inspiring. At Virgin, our mission is to change lives for good, and that’s exactly what we’re seeing with thousands of success stories across the country. Congratulations to this year’s Healthies Award recipients – not only have you changed your lives, but you’ve inspired others to do the same. Thank you for the example you set, and for demonstrating the transformative power of healthy changes,” he added.

Have employees at your company hit major milestones or significantly improved their health after participating in your corporate wellness program? Tell us more in the comments below!

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