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11 Days Left Until Thrive 2017

June 8, 2017 / Employee Engagement

At the Thrive Summit 2017, you’ll learn from leading organizations including Medtronic, HP and Workday who are excelling in their wellbeing programs. You’ll learn key insights, strategies and best practices on topics including:

  • – How to launch a program on a budget
  • – Driving engagement results using technology
  • – The Value-On-Investment in wellbeing programs
  • – The important role of Artificial Intelligence
  • – How to build a resilient workforce 
  • Ready to transform your organization & culture for the better?

Join us at the partner pavilion at Thrive where you can learn how to support your workforce across all areas of wellbeing. Meet with our certified partners and learn how Virgin Pulse is integrating with experts in:
– Emotional & Financial Wellbeing
– Nutrition
– Physical activity
– Wellness coaching
– Sleep

Join the world’s top HR technology innovators to explore the latest innovations and learn how to leverage the most important megatrends shaping our world, including:

  • – Artificial intelligence and machine learning that can transform your workforce’s health and wellbeing
  • – Intrinsic motivation and cashless rewards to ignite employee health, wellbeing and engagement
  • – Internet of Things (IoT) innovations that are creating smarter workplaces and integrating wellbeing into everyday experiences
  • – Wearable innovations with Fitbit and Virgin Pulse
  • – How  the employee experience is being transformed with the industry’s deepest HR partner integrations

Want to learn more? Check out our detailed agenda here featuring three different breakout session tracks, six keynote speakers, product demos and a variety of networking & wellbeing activities.

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