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10 Best Practices for Successful Corporate Wellness Programs

September 13, 2010 / Corporate Wellness

A significant number of U.S. employers offer some form of wellness programs to their employees – 86 percent according to the Society for Human Resource Management. Unfortunately, many of these program’s participation rates have remained frustratingly low (fewer than 15 percent on average) while healthcare costs continue to soar.
Despite low average participation rates, employers continue to seek better education and incentives to spur employees to participate in wellness initiatives.

Leading companies across the U.S. have successfully implemented a set of corporate wellness best practices that have driven employee participation rates well above the industry average and delivered demonstrable impact, including:

1. Ensuring the program is applicable to a broad section of employees
2. Using an incentives-based approach
3. Rallying the senior management team around the wellness initiative
4. Cultivating a network of champions throughout the organization
5. Maintaining program excitement through the benefits of ongoing competitions
6. Employing strategies to keep the wellness initiative top-of-mind
7. Bringing together multiple sponsors to reap multiple benefits
8. Linking wellness program participation back to health care costs
9. Integrating the wellness initiative with other health-oriented programs
10. Making it personal, measurable, and easy to use

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